200 truckers join strike by parading on street

lorestan_lorry_drivers.jpgThere are constantly more and more drivers from various districts and cities joining the truck drivers as they overcome their sixth day of striking.
The police have tried to block the drivers off from roads and fines drivers on alleged reasons of improper parking or holding undecent license plaques. A few hours ago a video came thru showing 200 trucks and semi-trailer trucks heading towards Shiraz that have apparently been kept up by police.
In a message posted on Instagram, a driver tells his co-workers that they are like red blood cell to this country and so they have every right to remain striking. Students in Marivan and female truck drivers have sent messages of support to the drivers cheering them to continue their brave strike.cement_station_hamedan
The cement stations in Sistan and Hamedan provines, where drivers would usually load their trucks, nobody went to work today and everything stands still. They say exit rates are far too high.
A bypasser has put a footage on the internet showing a mass queue of drivers waiting to refuel in Baneh, Kurdistan Province.
yazd_strike_day6.JPGAlso in Yazd, on the sixth day, minibus drivers performed a march on the streets without passengers to demand decent traveling prices.


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