2 Baluch men killed by security forces

baluch_youngster_stoned_to_deathThe Baloch Activists Campaign has issued a report, based on a witnessed scene, that Iran’s checkpoint security forces have killed two young men inside a car by throwing a stone at the driver’s head.
This scene took place in Jask City, a county in Hormozgan Province, where security forces took aim at the driver of a gasoline vehicle by stones. The driver was hit in the head with the stones and lost control of the vehicle as his brain shattered. The driver, Ramin Gargij 26-years-old and his friend Rashed 25-years-old both died in this incident.
Locals explain that security forces stationed at the border must first stop and check the vehicles but in this case, they just began throwing stones because they are not authorized to shoot. This vehicle was empty and had not loaded with gasoline while passing the checkpoint.


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