Soheil Gets Another Six Years


Soheil Arabi gets another six years for a new set of fabricated charges. Human Right’s activists inside Iran have stated that Soheil’s new charges consist of five years on allegedly insulting the sanctuaries and one year for spreading propaganda against the state.

Soheil has also been undergoing brutal torture in prison since his new sentence was given. Haj Moradi, the head of Tehran Great Prison, had this political prisoner transferred to Ward 2A in Evin Prison to be questioned. One thing to bear in mind is this ward remains in control of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The Save Soheil Campaign reported that after he was brought back from Evin his nose had been broken. His family has been notified about the extra years given to Soheil on Wednesday.

Soheil had been held guilty of communicating with foreign media and organizations by Judge Mohammad Moghiseh who works at the 28th Branch of the Revolutionary Court when he was last prosecuted in June.

Now even more pressuring for this young prisoner who has long been on a hunger strike inside the prison, is that Soheil’s wife also faces 18 months behind bars for cooperating with her husband.

The prison wardens continue to hate and abuse Soheil on personal matters ever since Arabi disclosed the unfair and inhumane conditions of the detention system he witnessed in Iran. Soheil has to remain away from his little daughter for another six years, as well as other family members who are watching on him.


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