Security Men Kill Villager Over Water Needs

Security Men Kill Villager Over Water

Security men kill villager over water he wanted for saving his agriculture. The Chief Justice in Qaemiyeh, Kazerun had ordered for wells to be filled up. The wells provide water for the families in this county and are public property.

Pictures from Kazerun reveal violent clashes amongst locals and police. The related report came from Tel Khushk village. Security forces and agents had orders to block the water system but things got out of hand.

The farmer who was shot wanted to protect his land. Apparently, he had refused to give his water pump. After the incident, state forces and police closed the road to keep control of the area. Government related press has publicly announced this killing.

A young man introduces himself as one of the best palm tree workers in Abadan. He is in tears as their trees die one by one. Talking to two other locals, he explains that he is a graduate of Science in Customs Administration. Instead of living a good life he had to come work on the palm fields.

Bandar Kangan has for long been a Persian Gulf port in Bushehr Province. It is used for fishing and a major commercial dock. At least five launches have caught fire, in an image taken by state-run Tasnim. The sad tragedy happened this afternoon and it’s not been the first fire attacks in southern provinces.


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