IRGC praises Rouhani’s saber-rattling on closing Strait of Hormuz

closing Strait of Hormuz
In retaliation to the Trump administration’s plan to cut off Iranian oil imports to other countries by November, Iran’s President threatened that they would close the narrow Strait of Hormuz, the world’s busiest oil shipping lane.
Rouhani’s threats were obviously welcomed by the Revolutionary Guards Corps.
Thanking Rouhani, Major General Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian senior military officer in the IRGC and since 1998 commander of its Quds Force—a division primarily responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations, wrote in a letter carried by the state-run ISNA News Agency:
I kiss your hand (in other words, I thank you) for expressing these wise and correct words… and I am in service for any policy that is beneficial to the establishment”.
Of course, the “services” that Soleimani is talking about is none other than terrorist activities in neighboring countries through his paramilitary forces. After all, the Major General has always been very generous in giving these kinds of services to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic.
On July 6, the so-called moderate Arman Daily quoted Hesamodin Ashna, an Iranian politician and advisor to Hassan Rouhani as saying that “the General’s letter to the president was the most important document of absolute coordination between military forces and the country’s political management under the authority of the Leader for any policy that benefits the Islamic establishment”.
Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps said in remarks that were carried by the state-run Mehr News Agency on July 5 that “Certainly, under the most probable conditions on the battlefield today, with the enemy, especially the deceitful and criminal America, one can make the enemies understand what it means when the use of the Strait of Hormuz is either for everyone or for no one”.
Esmaeil Kowsari, deputy chief of Sarallah Headquarters, an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps unit responsible for maintaining security in Tehran, also supported Rouhani on July 5 according to the state-run Young Journalist’s Club News Agency, saying that “we will not allow any oil to exit the Strait of Hormuz”.
All this saber rattling are just empty threats made by a regime that’s panicking over the recent turn of events. Events that could lead to its downfall. But even so, a few Iranian politicians were quick to whitewash Rouhani’s threats in fear that they might actually be taken seriously.
“What Mr. Rouhani meant when he said that if Iran cannot sell its oil, others would not be able to sell theirs either is not closing the Strait of Hormuz but it rather means that Iran has options at hand where it can guard its interests and also strike out against selling of oil by others”, former Iranian diplomat Abulreza Farajirad said on July 5.


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