Iran’s Embassies Operate Terrorism Abroad Not Diplomacy

Iran's Embassies Operate Terrorism Abroad

Iran’s embassies operate terrorism abroad not diplomacy. This has become a clear message after Assadollah Assadi’s arrest.

This is what Newt Gingrich twitted on June 30; In Paris almost 100,000 people gathered to demand the replacement of the Iranian dictatorship. The Free Iran rally was impressive and emotionally powerful. Leaders from all over the world came to Paris to demand freedom for the Iranian people.

Then this one on July 2, Iranian dictatorship plot to bomb the Free Iran rally in Paris last weekend (stopped by combined Belgian-French-German police effort) involving an Iranian government agent and Iranian terrorists living in Europe shows how frightened the dictatorship is of the Free Iran movement.

The Iranian government agent is Assadollah Assadi, who was stationed at Iran’s embassy in Vienna. This man is held in Germany and was charged on Wednesday. His charge, according to press, is a conspiracy to commit murder as a foreign agent. The German federal prosecutors mention he was the one who made a contract with an Iranian couple in Belgium to attack an Iranian rally in Paris. The couple was caught with powerful explosives in their car in Belguim.

He was a member of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, whose tasks primarily include the intensive observation and combatting of opposition groups inside and outside of Iran.

Question forming in minds is what’s Iran really up to in its embassies, and could it be operating terrorism abroad instead of diplomacy? This is what Secretary Pompeo tweeted most recent, We must cut off all funding the regime uses to fund terrorism & proxy wars. There’s no telling when Iran may try to foment terrorism, violence & instability in one of our countries next.

Iranians that joined the biggest gathering of their kind in Villepinte now call for Iranian embassies to be closed in European countries. They named their grand conference ‘The Alternative’ that welcomed Rudy Giuliani as a key guest. Guiliani gave out a statement about the bomb that was going to be set off.

He wrote, I appreciate and admire the fine work of law enforcement particularly in Belgium and France in arresting the terrorists who according to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s office were planning an attack on the gathering supporting freedom from the theocratic oppressive regime in Iran.

This accentuates the growing sense that the regime that is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world is increasingly weakened by constant large demonstrations in over 140 cities. It is also becoming apparent that Madam Maryam Rajavi and the NCRI pose a realistic alternative to this homicidal regime. Nothing could be worse for these misogynists than a movement seen as replacing them headed by a heroic woman.


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