Iran’s Economy Collapse Ties Political Disapproval


Iran’s economy Collapse has a sudden tie to political disapprovals and people have been shouting it during demonstrations. The government knows that they are looking for major changes and that is why they crack down viciously on protesters. Iran’s Judiciary Chief threatens Bazaar merchants who take part in protests and warning them at Majlis that they can get a death sentence and wants the merchants involved to be identified.

Benjamin Weingarten, Sr. contributor to the Federalist web magazine tweets, “A regime that has to slaughter dissenters is a shaky regime. Let’s hope it topples over as soon as possible. #IranProtests”

Kelly Jane Torrance, a writer tweets this, “Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, a high-ranking official in Iran’s government, says “disrupting the economic system” can get you a death sentence. It’s a threat aimed at the bazaari who have joined #IranProtests. This is a disgusting government that will not change from within.”

A video put out on Telegram clearly shows a group of anti-riot police breaking into a store and taking the shopkeeper away on a motorbike. Another scene discloses fresh scars on the back of one other protester that seems to be left behind by cable whips.

Back to the final hours of Monday, locals, mostly brave youth in TehranPars area and Khak-e-Sefid poured into the streets and protested against the clerical rule and the oppressive policies. They chanted slogans such as “Death to the dictator”, “Iran has become Palestine”, “one less embezzlement, our problem is solved”. The youth are confronting the repressive forces by closing off the streets and setting up a fire.


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