Intelligence Agents Threaten Workers


Intelligence agents threaten workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Agro Industry Company. They are summoning them and have put the workers in a detention center. The information officers are forcing workers to stay at work by threatening them of dismissal or detention.

During the past few days in Ahwaz, a number of workers from the Haft Tappeh (7 hills) sugar cane factory were on strike in protest to months of unpaid salaries. Following the strike, on Tuesday, several workers who had been fired were summoned for interrogation.

Three workers in specific were given commitment letters to sign, assuring them not to strike again. As further protests continued yesterday in Khuzestan Province, the intelligence officers intended to make workers return to work by imposing pressure on them.

These agents intimidate the cane workers and have put them in the corner of the ring in case any more protests occur.


Drivers At The Farabi Crop Industry Strike

Drivers who are employed at the Hakim Farabi Crop Industry in Ahwaz, southwest of Iran, were on strike yesterday. They were demanding a raise in their salary and better working benefits but one worker got violently beaten by state agents.

This has led the workers to remain on strike while their co-worker has been rushed to Sina Hospital. Both his hands have been severely crushed.

Most of these drivers once used to own the lands surrounding the Karoun River but it has all been taken away from them by the sugar cane development company.


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