CNN Reports Iran’s Power Struggle Few Hours Ago

Rouhani gets MP's pressure

CNN Reports Iran’s Power Struggle by Nick Paton Walsh and Shirzad Bozorgmehr and how it has been played out in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. This is only parts of the article.

In the past several days, social media footage appeared to show crowds of protesters reaching the gates of Iranian parliament, and other images have shown a strong police crackdown.
There was a heavy police presence in the central Tehran bazaar Wednesday after days of protests. Traders appeared confused as to who had initiated the disturbances, but several told CNN that the decline in the value of the rial had forced them to stop trading.
“There’s no incentive to do business,” said cloth merchant Fakhredin Fakhrzadegan. “Right now, when a merchant sells his goods he has to pay more to restock the same merchandise.” All of the goods in the bazaar were pegged to the dollar in its value, Fakhrzadegan explained, so a fluctuating exchange rate damaged their businesses.
Is this the outcome that the US was aiming for?
In the short-term, yes. But the US goal is — it appears — ultimately regime change, and that may not be so easy. The Trump administration seems to believe that intense economic pressure will cause one of the most heavily regulated and policed societies on earth to suddenly throw off its shackles, unseat the clerics who rule the country…


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