Iran Protests

Iran's Most Recent Protests

Iran’s Most Recent Protests In Cities Today

Iran’s most recent protests are shared on telegram today. Views show parading municipal workers all in yellow uniforms shouting against parliament. The workers sent their video from Fasa, in the central Fars Province…

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Security Men Kill Villager Over Water

Security Men Kill Villager Over Water Needs

Security men kill villager over water he wanted for saving his agriculture. The Chief Justice in Qaemiyeh, Kazerun had ordered for wells to be filled up. The wells provide water for…

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Borazjan Water Protest Sends Message

Borazjan Water Protest Sends Message To Officials

Borazjan’s water protest is sending a message to the city officials. Another big city taken under by the water disaster is Borazjan. The water protests in Borazjan have been going…

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Intelligence Agents Threaten Workers

Intelligence agents threaten workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Agro Industry Company. They are summoning them and have put the workers in a detention center. The information officers are forcing workers…

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Karaj Outdoor Market Put to Blaze by Municipal Officers

Karaj outdoor market was put to blaze by municipal officers today in the Alborz Province. The Golshahr Bazaar was for years the center for buying fresh supplies in the suburb…

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Khorramshahr Water Protest Turns Bloody

Khorramshahr water protest has turned bloody since yesterday and people have been shot. Locals say three are dead and anti-riot police have covered the city. Many social media activist are…

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Water Shortages Hit Abadan & Mahshahr

Water shortages hit Abadan and Mahshahr, southwest of Iran where people are demonstrating for clean water and ask authorities where the oil money is spent. The two counties are in Khorramshahr…

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protests rock Tehran

Washington Times: “Iran’s mass protests rock Tehran”

The Iran’s mass protest that shook the world on Dec. 28 in Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest city, and quickly spread throughout the country has picked up steam in the last few days…

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Iran’s Economy Collapse Ties Political Disapproval

Iran’s economy Collapse has a sudden tie to political disapprovals and people have been shouting it during demonstrations. The government knows that they are looking for major changes and that is…

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Tehran Unrest Forwards in Mashhad, Kermanshah and Isfahan

Tehran unrest forwards on the third day at the Grand Bazaar and protesters are being joined in surrounding markets as well as other cities like Kermanshah. The Goldsmith’s Bazaar in Kermanshah…

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