Human Rights

Whip punishment

Whip punishment to Intimidate the Public in Iran

An Iranian man was lashing after being convicted of drinking alcohol a decade ago aged 14 or 15, on July 11th. He was publicly whipped 80 times while tied to…

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Iran arrests numerous activists

Iran arrests numerous activists at home while Rouhani sits with Europeans to mend JCPOA

Iran arrests numerous activists while Hassan Rouhani’s visit to European capitals went forward this week. Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has begun a wave of arrest and imprisoning…

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Two Young Workers Missing

Two Young Workers Missing in Ahvaz

Two young sugar cane workers are missing after they took part in a labor protest last month. Their names are Reza Reyhani and Khaled Khosraji, aged 17 and 18 from Ahvaz….

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Arash Sadeqi Cancer Tests

Arash Sadeqi Cancer Tests Needed Urgently

Arash Sadeqi’s cancer tests are urgently needed as doctors have discovered a bone tumor in his elbow. This political prisoner, 31 years old, is being held from visiting the specialized cancer center….

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Soheil Gets Another Six Years

Soheil Arabi gets another six years for a new set of fabricated charges. Human Right’s activists inside Iran have stated that Soheil’s new charges consist of five years on allegedly…

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Shabnam’s Torture Story in Evin

Shabnam’s torture story happened in Evin Prison a long while back but memories remain fresh of her brother. She was able to escape and takes part in the largest Iranian…

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Revealing High Security Prison in Ahvaz

Revealing a high-security prison in Ahvaz where largely political prisoners are kept and tortured. It’s called the Ahvaz Clinic Prison and it’s known for restraining and protecting information. The political prisoners’…

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Evin Prison Torture Center Still After 40 Years

Evin Prison torture center is still what many remember and are experiencing present within its premises. Known to be one of the most notorious prisons in the world, just the…

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Ramin Hossein Panahi-min

Ramin’s father tricked into making interview instead of getting to visit son

Information agents and security officials took Ramin Hossein Panahi’s 85-year-old father to see his son but then as it turned out this visit was a hoax to get the father…

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Protests against forced veil increase every day in Iran

Protests against forced veil increase every day in Iran

Scenes show a woman taking off her headscarf in public & protesting Iranian regime‘s compulsory hijab laws. The crowd seems to be supporting her and chanting  “Death to Khamenei,” referring…

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