Borazjan Water Protest Sends Message To Officials

Borazjan Water Protest Sends Message

Borazjan’s water protest is sending a message to the city officials. Another big city taken under by the water disaster is Borazjan. The water protests in Borazjan have been going on for two days and nights.

One thrilling video taken is of demonstrators rushing towards the city religious leader. He is guarded by some plainclothes agents and quickly taken away. Another video shows people chanting – WATER – or comforting others by telling them to not be afraid, we stand together.

They also targeted the country’s Islamic Leader, Ali Khamenei, by chanting Down with Dictator!

In last night’s protest, locals sang a famous song related to July 9, which is known as the Students’ Day. The melody is sung in solidarity with the students’ uprising dating back to Khatami’s time in 1999.

One figure to recall from the student protests in July 1999 is Saeed Zeinali. He was an Iranian student at Tehran University who was arrested and never again heard of. He was 23 years old and his mother still remains searching for him. The uprising is also known as ‘Kuye Daneshgah Disaster’ in which more than 70 students disappeared and roughly 1,400 were detained.

The recorded population of the city by Wikipedia is 86,059 that makes it the 2nd largest city in Bushehr. Iran is tops world list rates for urban population growth and they are turning furious over water crisis.

Authorities in Abadan promised to deliver clean water but a video by locals show tap water is still unclear.


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