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Sanctions paralyzing Iran's economy

Sanctions paralyzing Iran’s economy is raising mixed issues. Some people ask, is it true that the sanctions are not...

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Iran Protests Supported

Iran protests supported in New York is an Event called by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC). 1500 Iranian...

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UN General Assembly Damaged

UN General Assembly damaged thru Rouhani’s presence is what opposing Iranians suggests. Rouhani should be dismissed from the United...

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Rouhani's Execution Toll

Rouhani’s execution toll ahead of Washington Summit should worry everyone! Four young prisoners were executed on the morning of...

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School Stationery Costs Rise

School stationery costs rise before 23rd September when classes will open in Iran.  School children all love to arrive...

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Prisoners Executed Routinely

Prisoners executed routinely by Iran is a way to broadcast fear amongst the people. As recent as Thursday, a...

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Isfahan Farmers Without Water

Isfahan farmers without water rights are causing serious environmental damages. Reports from Isfahan’s farmer after a drought in this...

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Iranian Border Cities

Iranian border cities swarmed by Iraqis is dangering Iranians’ lives. The Iranian national currency takes a sharp fall against the...

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Kurdish Activists Arrested

Kurdish activists arrested yesterday after a wide strike occurred. Reza Mokhtari, a well-known civil activist from this region was...

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Kurdistan General Strike

Kurdistan general strike has taken action today. The people in Baneh, Marivan, Bukan, Sanandaj, Oshnavieh, and Mahabad have set...

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