European Union Ambassador to Iraq Gets $14-million for Villa

European Union ambassador to Iraq gets $14-million for building a villa in Europe. The fact revealed by U.S. ambassador to Bahrain Adam Ereli among a panel discussing the eventual collapse of…

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Water Shortages Hit Abadan & Mahshahr

Water shortages hit Abadan and Mahshahr, southwest of Iran where people are demonstrating for clean water and ask authorities where the oil money is spent. The two counties are in Khorramshahr…

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Free Iran Gathering

The international gathering titled “Free Iran Gathering 2018 – the Alternative” coincides with dissident activity simmering all over Iran. Nationwide protests took place in more than 140 cities and towns…

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Iran’s Failing Economy Has Itself To Blame

Iran’s failing economy has itself to blame. In the wake of the bazaar protests, Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s president, was quick to lay the blame on the U.S. On…

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Chief Police Rahimi Out For Tehran Protesters

Chief Police Rahimi is out to get the Tehran Bazaar protesters as the government is on the brim of getting pushed over. Reports from Tehran say security police have been deployed…

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Rouhani gets MP's pressure

CNN Reports Iran’s Power Struggle Few Hours Ago

CNN Reports Iran’s Power Struggle by Nick Paton Walsh and Shirzad Bozorgmehr and how it has been played out in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. This is only parts of the article. In the…

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protests rock Tehran

Washington Times: “Iran’s mass protests rock Tehran”

The Iran’s mass protest that shook the world on Dec. 28 in Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest city, and quickly spread throughout the country has picked up steam in the last few days…

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Iran’s Economy Collapse Ties Political Disapproval

Iran’s economy Collapse has a sudden tie to political disapprovals and people have been shouting it during demonstrations. The government knows that they are looking for major changes and that is…

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Tehran Unrest Forwards in Mashhad, Kermanshah and Isfahan

Tehran unrest forwards on the third day at the Grand Bazaar and protesters are being joined in surrounding markets as well as other cities like Kermanshah. The Goldsmith’s Bazaar in Kermanshah…

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Evin Prison Torture Center Still After 40 Years

Evin Prison torture center is still what many remember and are experiencing present within its premises. Known to be one of the most notorious prisons in the world, just the…

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