Truckers Get ITF Solidarity

Truckers Get ITF Solidarity Statement In Iran

Truckers get ITF solidarity statement on behalf of 20 million transport workers worldwide. It was released on the tenth day of strikes. Getting ITF solidarity statement means Iran’s truckers on…

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Pol. prisoner with risk of cancer, no treatment allowed

Arash Sadeghi is in need of urgent medical care but authorities will not allow him to be hospitalized outside prison. Doctors have warned that he is close to suffering from…

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Taxi drivers in Kermanshah joined strike

This morning as the truck and fuel tank drivers went on strike for the tenth day, numerous taxi drivers participated in different cities. They were unwilling to run their taxi’s…

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Truckers' strike in Iran, biggest protest movement in past 38 years

Despite the fact that the Iranian regime is trying to censor the spread of the protest, by truck drivers for ten days, online activists and strikers are constantly putting photos…

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Indian Reliance Industries halt on oil imports from Iran

The Indian Reliance Industries Ltd, known as the world’s biggest refining complex is to halt on oil imports from Iran. Though India had stated that it does not follow U.S….

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Tehran prepares for further protests with armed units

A directive, issued by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, has been ordered to protect the infrastructure, buildings, facilities, equipment and some of the specialized subject-specific missions of the executive agencies that…

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Us Treasury blacklists more Iran officials

US Treasury blacklists six individuals and three entities linked to the Iranian regime including Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison and the Ansar-e Hezbollah. The following individuals have been added to OFAC’s…

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Tehran forced Soheil to write, he wants to commit suicide in prison

Political prisoner, Soheil Arabi has put his life at risk by sending out a voice message just yesterday revealing a scheme by the Great Tehran Penitentiary authorities forcing Soheil to…

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Russia's Lukoil steps back on project with Iran

As the new sanctions on Iran tighten Lukoil, Russia’s second-biggest oil producer said it won’t be going ahead with plans to develop projects in Iran at the moment. One company…

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Growing protests by workers & farmers in Iran

The workers at the South Pars Natural-Gas Field have put a stop to all their duties today and have formed a gathering at the ninth refinery. The South Pars is…

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