Amnesty International Report For nearly three decades, the Iranian authorities have systematically concealed the whereabouts of thousands of political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, who were forcibly disappeared and extrajudicially…

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Amnesty International report about 1988 massacre in Iran

Iran: New evidence reveals deliberate desecration and destruction of multiple mass gravesites Bulldozing, road construction, mass rubbish dumping and new burial plots used to compromise and destroy mass graves Iranian…

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Iran: Golrokh Iraee ended her hunger strike after 81 days

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Message of political prisoner in Iran

#Solidarity with political prisoners in #Iran who are incarcerated in the Iranian regime’s prisons for demanding freedom and equality. #No2Mullahs #RealModeratesinIranareinPrison— NCRIWomen'sCommittee (@womenncri) April 28, 2018

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Dire figure shows 42 percent of Iran’s unemployed are university graduates

Iran is facing a crisis represented in the high percentage of the unemployment among the universities and institutes graduates at 42 percent of the total unemployment. Dr. Saeed Nemki, Assistant…

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Iran: Top officials confession about Iran uprising

Top Ayatollah makes stunning confession about Iran Protests showing how the mullahs are on a slippery slope towards their collapse and disintegration: “Dread the day if the nation rises up,…

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Iran – Thousands Demonstrate In Kazeroon Against Mullahs' Regime

In continuation of the extensive protests and demonstrations that has been ongoing for over a week in Kazeroon in southern Iran, thousands gathered in the main square of the city …

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Iran – Girl Dies During Pursuit By Moral Police

[wpvideo jTwa4a06] An innocent girl died following pursuit by the morality police in Tabriz on Friday April 27, 2018. The incident occurred in presence of many stunned bystanders in Baghamishe…

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Iran: The people protest in Baneh

Iran: The people of Baneh, Kurdistan province, gathered in front of the local governorate office and staged a sit-in protest on the 12th day of their strike. #IranProtests #Iran…

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Iran: Children taking part in a protest rally of residents of Baneh

Children taking part in a protest rally of residents of Baneh were carrying posters and banners reading: "Our daddy doesn't have any food, and our food table is empty, I'm…

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